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Our Process

We See You...

You’ve listened to all the podcasts, followed all the Instagram Health Influencers, and invested 100s of dollars into health supplements. But you’re not feeling any better. And at times you find yourself feeling a little confused with the conflicting health information out there.

After working with many clients who have struggled with their health and have had little luck with resolving their issues, we created our simple and comprehensive Roadmap to Wellness to help make your healing journey easier.

Here at Naturally Holistic Wellness we focus on the Foundational & Root Cause Approaches to health & wellness. The foundational processes listed in our ‘roadmap to wellness’ is what we find needs to be addressed in order to help the body rebalance and thrive.

Although all bodies are different, we do find that most, if not all, of our clients have experienced troubles with these 4 areas no matter their backgrounds or conditions. We believe that these 4 areas are the foundations to achieving deep sleep, no more bloating, continuous energy throughout the day and a balanced mood.


The Roadmap To Wellness

A root cause & foundational approach to rebalancing the body and making your symptoms a thing of the past.


The food we eat directly impacts how we feel, how much energy we have, and if certain processes within our bodies are functioning properly. When we under eat or don't eat enough for what our body needs we can see health related symptoms arise such as, digestive, thyroid, immune, hormone disorders, and more.


Metabolic health is your body's ability to digest and absorb nutrients from the food you eat without having unhealthy spikes in blood sugar, blood fat, inflammation and insulin. It’s important for your metabolism to avoid these ‘spikes’ because they can have negative effects on your gut, hormones, body fat, blood pressure, stress levels, and more.

Nervous System Regulation

When our body is under chronic stress we can see nutrients being used up at rapid rate. Thus leading to many health related symptoms. The NS is also very intertwined with our digestion, hormone production, and metabolism. Regulating stress is key for true sustainable healing.


We live in an extremely toxic world filled with chemicals that are linked to cancer, neurological disorders, and other life threatening diseases. Our bodies are bombarded with these chemicals daily. It is important for us to ensure our bodies are naturally detoxing these chemicals in order for our bodies to balance and thrive.

When working with us one on one we address each area of the roadmap through different modalities such as western herbalism, holistic nutrition, different types of exercise & movement, TCM, yoga, breathwork, meditation, and Ayurveda. We also utilize functional testing in order to fully customize this roadmap to you.

How We Work

Results Driven Holistic Care


We take the time to get to know you to gain a deeper understanding of your symptoms and what triggers them.


We run comprehensive functional testing to help you get a better understanding of your body. These tests are often not offered in conventional practices.


We are with you every step of the way. Your health is our top priority which is why you have access to your practitioner 24/7.