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Histamine Balance Program

A 2, 4, or 6-Month Health & Wellness Program That Is Designed To Say Goodbye To Your Histamine Intolerance and Bring Your Body Back Into Balance


It’s Time To Put Your Health As A Priority And Take A More Natural And Holistic Approach To Histamine Intolerance.

Are You Tired Of Having A Long List Of Unexplained Symptoms?

You’re probably experiencing unexplained rashes, eczema, flushing, bloating, abdominal pain, gas, asthma, postnasal drip, heart palpitations, headaches, migraines and/or other allergy type symptoms. All of these symptoms can really put a damper on your overall health and interfere with your daily life. Histamine Intolerances can be extremely frustrating. But don’t worry because we help clients balance out their Histamine intolerances so they feel better, and no longer be hindered by their symptoms.

Have you been feeling a little defeated and depleted because the previous help you’ve gotten from your medical professionals haven’t solved your problems? The approach most medical professionals take is ‘treating the symptom’ versus getting to the root of what’s going on with your histamine intolerance. At Naturally Holistic Wellness we help you overcome your symptoms by addressing the root cause, naturally.

We Know That Histamine Intolerance Can Be Overwhelming

There can be so much confusion surrounding histamine intolerance and how to get rid of it. You may have visited other practitioners and they just have prescribed medication or have even told you ‘it is all in your head’. We are here to help you cut through the noise, give you answers and address your histamine issues through natural protocols and a food first approach that is uniquely tailored to your needs.

Even if you’ve worked with other specialists, we bring something unique to the table.

Our approach is much different than conventional medicine. We’ll help you address your histamine issues from a holistic perspective and build a protocol unique to you using natural approaches such as nutrition, herbal medicine and nervous system regulation.

Our Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist helps find an eating plan that is right for you to help support your body's natural histamine regulators. We also utilize functional testing to get a deeper understanding of how your body as a whole is functioning, if there are any deficiencies present that are contributing to your histamine levels, and other testing to get to the root cause of your issues.



How good it would feel to finally understand your body

Going out to eat WITHOUT being worried about what you're going to eat

Eating foods WITHOUT negative reactions

Having clear and healthy skin


Histamine Issues That We Can Help With

How It Works

Our Histamine Balance Program 2, 4, or 6 Month Program is designed to provide you the support you need through functional testing and complete access to your practitioner who is there for you every step of the way.

Here's how it works:


Everything You Need To Transform Your Life

When we are working with chronic conditions it takes time to see the transformation happen. We work with clients who understand this and are committed to making their health a priority.

1:1 sessions

We will meet monthly for either phone or video calls to discuss how the protocol is going and getting a better idea of how your body is doing. On our 'off' weeks, we will be in touch with you through our in app messenger to check in.

Unlimited Messaging*

We understand that questions arise outside of our meetings. You will have access to message your Wellness Practitioner through your client portal with questions and/or concerns about the protocol, hormone issues, or general health related questions.
*Messages will be answered within office hours Mon-Fri

Functional Testing

We require all clients to complete an Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test for us to get a foundational perspective on how well your body is functioning. Minerals are the ‘spark plugs’ of life and are needed in order to run every function within the body and they play a massive role in overall health but also histamine regulation. We may also require or recommend additional testing based on your health issues & history.

Histamine Balance Protocol

This protocol is custom and unique to your personal histamine concerns. In this protocol there will be an in depth nutritional guide and supplements for our time working together. Depending on your needs we may also include a movement plan and detox protocol.

Blood Sugar Reboot Meal Plan

This 14 day blood sugar reboot meal plan is a dietitian approved meal guide to help bring your blood sugar back into balance. Blood sugar dysregulation has been found to raise histamine levels and is critical to balance when experiencing histamine issues. This meal guide is customized to you, your food intolerances, and preferences.

Customized Support

Feel empowered and informed knowing that all recommendations are customized to you. What we chat about in each session depends on the client, but we make sure to cover nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise, digestion, diet, and your environment.

Access to Online Courses

We want you to be empowered and educated around your body and health. We give you full access to our programs during the months we work together. These programs are on topics such as, thyroid, gut health, histamine intolerances, detox and drainage pathways, and so much more.


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Client Stories

Common Questions

We’re here to help you find health–together. Here are some helpful FAQs and answers about how the Happy Hormones Health Program works.

No. We work with clients from all over the world.

The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is included in everyone of our offers. There may be a need or requirement to run further testing based on your health issues and history. These additional tests will be an added cost.

Yes we do! You are able to use your HSA or FSA cards when purchasing any of our services.

Histamine is a chemical called amine. Our bodies have many different types of these amine chemicals. Amines play a crucial role in many of our bodies processes. 

Histamine plays a role an important role in our immune system, sleep/wake cycle, and digestion.

Here are some examples of how histamine works within our bodies.

  • Our immune system needs inflammation in order to heal. Histamine increases overall inflammation.
  • Histamine signals neurons in the brain that encourage wakefulness. Histamine will also inhibit the neurons that promote sleep.
  • In our digestion, histamine signals to the brain that it’s time to release stomach acid. 

When our bodies have too much histamine and cannot keep up with 'clearing' it out. It can create these unwanted symptoms that impact our daily lives. 

We utilize HTMA testing through Trace Element Labs (TEI). We work with this lab because of the way they handle the hair sample. They do not wash the hair sample before testing resulting in the most accurate results.

You can learn more about TEI labs and their testing methods HERE

No, we do not at this time.

If you have gotten your HTMA or a nutrient blood panel completed within the last 1-2 months we can use them. But we will suggest getting retested at the 3 month mark. 

 While we take a food first approach, supplements may be something that we recommend for you in your wellness plan. These supplements may cost anywhere from $30-60 per item. We advise on whole food and herbal remedy alternatives to synthetic supplements.

Yes we do. Jacquelynn is a certified RCP consultant (RCPC) and has helped many people get clarity and further support when following the RCP.

Jacquelynn works as an RCPC along with her other qualifications and backgrounds within all of her offerings to offer you a unique and holistic approach.

Our approach at Naturally Holistic Wellness is to educate and guide you on a balanced way of eating and not to adhere to restrictive diets. We believe that restrictive diets are restricting essential nutrients and that balance is key. If you are experiencing symptoms on the diet you are currently eating, it means you are not getting enough nutrients from that style of eating. If you aren’t open to shifting your diet to a more balanced ancestral approach we will not be aligned with working together. 

We do not offer refunds on any payments that have been made.

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