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About Us


Your Health Is Our Passion

Welcome to our small corner on the internet where we prioritize mind and body nourishment through a foundational and root cause approach to wellness.

You probably have been doing all the ‘healthy’ things like dieting, exercising, and taking all the supplements but you still find yourself exhausted, burnt out, experiencing digestive troubles, and have a long list of other symptoms. We know how frustrating it can be to be doing all the 'right' things and still not feel good. And in some cases, feeling worse.

At Naturally Holistic Wellness,
We address the root cause of your symptoms by approaching nutrient imbalances, lifestyle factors, and toxic exposure that are at the root of your health struggles.


What Makes Us Different?

We believe in a comprehensive, foundational, and holistic approach to wellness.
This means we work with you to get to the root of your health struggles and help bring your body back into balance, naturally. We believe the work we do is ‘lifestyle medicine’ helping you create, say goodbye to trendy diets & exercise plans, and create a lifestyle that supports your wellbeing. We help you understand and blend together nutrition, movement, rejuvenation, and detoxification with a food first and natural approach.


What We Specialize In

PCOS, Infertility, Recurrent Miscarriage, Amenorrhea, Transitioning off birth control, Pre + Postpartum Care, Hormonal Imbalance, Chronic Yeast Infections, Hormonal Acne, Osteoporosis, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Menopause

IBS, Leaky Gut, SIBO/SIFO, Chronic Constipation, Crohn’s, Ulcers, Colitis, Gerd, Chronic Acid Reflux, Candida

Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Burnout, Thyroid Dysfunction (hypo/hyperthyroidism), Sex-hormone Dysfunction, Low-Testosterone, Estrogen Dominance

Insulin Resistance, Hypo/hyperglycemia, Pre-diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome

Auto-immune disease, Hypersensitivity, Allergies, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mast Cell Activation Syndrom (MCAS)

Low Vitamin D, Anemia, Low Magnesium, Electrolyte Imbalances, Low B12, Low B Vitamins, etc.

Mold/Mycotoxins, Heavy-Metals, Parasites, Liver, Gallbladder, Lymphatic System

Meet The Founder

Hi, I'm Jacquelynn

I help women just like you to make your symptoms a thing of the past by addressing your root cause naturally.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist, and Clinical Herbalist, it is my passion to help you become full of energy, experience great digestion and healthy periods because I was once where you are.

PCOS, Bloating, food intolerances, and hypothyroidism was my normal just a few years ago. I felt ill, exhausted, and depressed and I didn’t understand why. I thought I was doing all the ‘right’ things for my health. But no matter what supplements or diets I tried I ended up feeling worse and was slowly getting more inflamed and became sicker and sicker.

With years of studying from Naturopathic Doctors, Functional Medicine Docs, Researchers, Clinical Herbalists, Traditional Chinese Medicine Docs, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Toxicologists from many different institutions and qualifications; I was able to reverse all my symptoms and now have become dedicated to help others do the same.

How We Work

Results Driven Holistic Care


We take the time to get to know you to gain a deeper understanding of your symptoms and what triggers them.


We run comprehensive functional testing to help you get a better understanding of your body. These tests are often not offered in conventional practices.


We are with you every step of the way. Your health is our top priority which is why you have access to your practitioner 24/7.