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Our Approach

Our 4 step approach to saying goodbye to your symptoms and rebalancing your body.



There are specific nutrients that are ‘essential’ for the body in order for it to function properly and be balanced. These essential nutrients are not made within the body so they must be consumed through food. We utilize proper testing to get a bigger picture as to what nutrients your body needs.



Stress acute or chronic can wreak havoc on the body, depleting nutrients, impairing functions of the body, and creating inflammation. We work with our clients to ensure their adrenals are able to handle stress by implementing proper nutrition and lifestyle habits that will improve their sleep and wellbeing.



Without movement our bodies cannot rid itself of toxins and will hold onto unnecessary fat. We all know exercise is good for the body but with our clients we focus on ‘movement’. Depending on where they are within their healing journey will determine what types of movement will be beneficial for their overall wellbeing.



.Our bodies have natural detoxification systems that can detox environmental chemicals if properly supported. But in today's age most people's detoxification systems are impaired and bogged down with chemicals. We work with our clients to ensure their detoxification systems are properly nourished and running smoothly.


We Believe In...

Nature First, Always

We believe anything that comes from the earth is superior for the body vs anything synthetic. This is why we work closely with herbal medicine and food to help assist our clients during their healing journey.

Bio-individual Approach to Wellness

We believe everyone is different and that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to wellness. This is why we work with our clients to understand their in-depth health history and utilize testing to make our time working together as customized as possible.

No More Blindly Supplementing Vitamins & Being Confused About What To Eat.

With all that we do, we focus on the root cause of why you are experiencing brain fog, exhaustion, hormonal issues, sleeping troubles, etc. We believe in supplementation but do not believe that it is right for everybody. We believe in utilizing whole foods and focusing on redefining your relationship food, first. Then if needed we will create a custom supplementation plan.

Food As Medicine

Throw out the diet mentality. We work with our clients to have a balanced and nutrient focused outlook when it comes to food. Seeing food as medicine and not demonizing ‘natural’ food groups. The nutritional approach we take with clients is custom to them based on, what they can tolerate, and what they need nutritionally. Although our goal is to always see our clients rid themselves of food intolerances and eat ancestrally.

One Of A Kind Partnership

We know that when going through health struggles it can be beneficial to have support. Here at Naturally Holistic Wellness we partner with our clients and are available to them when they need it. We become as dedicated as they are to see themselves feel better and thrive.

How We Work

Results Driven Holistic Care


We take the time to get to know you to gain a deeper understanding of your symptoms and what triggers them.


We run comprehensive functional testing to help you get a better understanding of your body. These tests are often not offered in conventional practices.


We are with you every step of the way. Your health is our top priority which is why you have access to your practitioner 24/7.