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Individual Sessions

Is something feeling ‘off’ with unexplained symptoms that you can’t seem to figure out?

Have you been doing all the ‘right things’ for your health and still your symptoms won’t budge? Are you on a budget and just need a little ‘fine tuning’ when it comes to your current wellness journey? If so, our individual sessions could be right for you.

Imagine feeling balanced with more answers as to why your symptoms won’t budge.

In our sessions we will pull functional labs to get a bigger picture as to what is going on within your body and consult you on what nutritional and supplementation changes might be needed to help support your overall health.

What We Will Focus On Together In Our Initial Session

Testing For The

Root Cause

With our comprehensive intake questionnaires, virtual session, and testing we will start to understand why your symptoms are present and how to take a root cause approach.



No longer feel confused around how to properly nourish yourself through food. We work with you to help you understand how to balance your plate with nutrient rich food. Thus supporting your metabolism, wellbeing, and life.



Minerals are the spark plugs within the body. They spark off vital reactions within the body including hormone production, break down and utilization of proteins, thyroid function, and much, much, more. We guide you on how to nourish your body with a mineral focused approach to support your thyroid, metabolism, and hormones.



Our bodies natural processes of elimination can be impaired leading to a build up of toxins within the body. We will work with you to clean up your life, break up with toxins, and get your detoxification pathways back online.

Our 5 Step Process To Rebalancing The Body

Testing & Consultation

Using the HTMA we can get deeper insight into how your bodily systems are working. And get information into the 'root causes' of your systems

Address Nutrient Deficiencies & Balance Minerals

Nutrients are key for overall body balance. We address these to help bring nourishment back to the system.

Gut Healing & Healthy Detox Support

Overall health starts within the gut and how well we are absorbing, digesting and, detoxing.

Soothe Your Nervous System

Nervous system dysregulation can be found at the root of every system.

Finding The Best Foods & Herbs For Your Needs

Based on your tests and symptoms we will provide you with specific herbs and foods that will help bring balance back to your body.

Here is what is included

Everything You Need To Transform Your Life.

1:1 session with Jacquelynn

One phone or zoom call to go over your test results, health concerns, nutrition, and health history in order to give further nutrition and supplementation recommendations

Functional Testing

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA Test) will be mailed and completed by you and interpreted by Jacquelynn. We will go over the results in the initial session.

Session Report PDF

Based on your sessions, health history, and test results you will be provided with a clear wellness plan. This will include nutrition and supplementation guidance based on your test results, a symptom tracker to help you track your symptom progress, and 'de-stress' exercises.

Personalized Support

We believe in bio individuality and that one approach does not work for everyone. We pride ourselves in helping you understand your biology and give recommendations and support based on your body and where it is currently at within its healing process.

Ready to get more support and guidance?

View Our Pricing Below

Initial Session

$229 USD

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Test
  • 60-90 Minute Call With Jacquelynn
  • Personalized ‘Session Report PDF’
  • Personalized Nutritional Guidance
  • Personalized Supplementation Recommendations

Follow Up Sessions*

$129 USD
*for existing clients only

  • 60 Minute Call With Jacquelynn to go over current health struggles and give any changes needed to nutritional or supplementation recommendations given in prior sessions.
  • Session Report PDF given after session to go over what we talked about and the additional changes we discussed.

Bundle of 3 Sessions

$449 USD*


  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Test
  • Three 60-90 Minute Calls With Jacquelynn to be used within 4 months
  • Personalized ‘Session Report PDF’ Each Session
  • Personalized Nutritional Guidance
  • Personalized Supplementation Recommendations

*Monthly payment plans available
**10% discount is based on the price for each session excluding the fee for the htma

You Might Be Wondering If This Is For You?

Our individual sessions are right for you if:

  • You are looking for more guidance around your health and nutrition.
  • You’re on a budget and dont have the time to commit to a full three month container.
  • You live a pretty healthy lifestyle and are looking to chat with someone for support here or there when you need it.

Our individual sessions might not be right for you if:

  • You’re looking for longer term support and want to see a total health and lifestyle change
  • You’re looking for a quick fix and want to see improvement within the next few weeks.
  • You don’t take responsibility for where you are at, your attitude, and outcomes.

Common Questions

No. We work with clients from all over the world.

Yes we do. Jacquelynn is a certified RCP consultant (RCPC) and has helped many people get clarity and further support when following the RCP.

Jacquelynn works as an RCPC along with her other qualifications and backgrounds within all of her offerings to offer you a unique and holistic approach.

Yes the HTMA is included in the price of the initial session. If you are signing up for a follow up consult and want to run another HTMA it will be an additional price of $99

If you already have your HTMA and/or Full Monty results you can still book a individual session. Just please mention that you have your test results in the intake questionnaire in order to book the call.

Test results must have been received a maximum of 2 months prior to your session with Jacquelynn.

For those who have already ordered and received their test results the 60 minute session price will be,

HTMA results only - $129

HTMA & Full Monty - $159

We utilize HTMA testing through Trace Element Labs (TEI). We work with this lab because of the way they handle the hair sample. They do not wash the hair sample before testing resulting in the most accurate results.

You can learn more about TEI labs and their testing methods HERE

We do not at this time.

If you have gotten your HTMA or Fully Monty completed within the last 1-2 months we can use them. But we will suggest getting reteste at the 3 month mark. 

 While we take a food first approach, supplements may be something that we recommend for you in your wellness plan. These supplements may cost anywhere from $30-60 per item. We try things natural and advise on whole food alternatives to synthetic supplements.

Our approach at Naturally Holistic Wellness is to educate and guide you on a balanced way of eating and not to adhere to restrictive diets. We believe that restrictive diets are restricting essential nutrients and that balance is key. If you are experiencing symptoms on the diet you are currently eating, it means it needs to change because we cannot heal in the same environment we got sick in. If you aren’t open to shifting your diet to a more balanced ancestral approach we will not be aligned with working together. 

After our session you will have your session report that gives you clear instructions on what to do. You’ll feel well equipped to make changes and to continue with your healing journey. If you need to connect with me with any questions you will need to book a follow up session.

When booking a session with Jacquelynn you will be asked to pay in full in order to get on Jacquelynn’s calendar. 

If you need to cancel for whatever reason we require a 2 hour notice for a full refund of your session payment. If you cancel under the 2 hours before your session starts you will forfeit your entire payment for the session.

If you need to reschedule your session for whatever reason, you are able to reschedule at any time with no penalty. 

Your path to mind + body wellness starts here